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2mW - 100mW coaxial package
Manufacturer :

Series :
635nm - 660nm fiber coupled laser diode

Model :
2mW - 100mW coaxial package


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  • Package (*) is Coaxial , Coaxial
  • Wavelength Range is 630 nm - 660 nm

Comparison table

This table shows products at the same center wavelength, including by other manufacturers.
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Manufacturer Model Wavelength Output Power Type Package
PhotodigmPH895DBR040CM895 nm40 mWDBR Laser Diode C-mount
PhotodigmPH895DBR040BF895 nm40 mWDBR Laser Diode Module
PhotodigmPH895DBR040T8895 nm40 mWDBR Laser Diode TO-can
PhotodigmPH895DBR080CS895 nm80 mWDBR Laser Diode CS-Mount
PhotodigmPH895DBR080CM895 nm80 mWDBR Laser Diode C-mount
PhotodigmPH895DBR080BF895 nm80 mWDBR Laser Diode Module
PhotodigmPH895DBR080T8895 nm80 mWDBR Laser Diode TO-can
PhotodigmPH895DBR120CS895 nm120 mWDBR Laser Diode CS-Mount
PhotodigmPH895DBR120CM895 nm120 mWDBR Laser Diode C-mount
PhotodigmPH895DBR120BF895 nm120 mWDBR Laser Diode Module