Near-field microscopy of waveguide architectures of InGaN/GaN diode lasers open site

Date: Oct 11, 2016

Waveguide (WG) architectures of 420 nm emitting InGaN/GaN diode lasers are analyzed by photoluminescence and photocurrent spectroscopy using a nearfield scanning optical microscope that scans along their front facets. The components of the 'optical active cavity', quantum wells, WGs, and cladding layers are individually inspected with a spatial resolution of ~100 nm. Separate analysis of the p- and n-sections of the WG was achieved, and reveals defect levels in the p-part. Moreover, it is demonstrated that the homogeneity of the n-WG section directly affects the quantum wells that are grown on top of this layer. Substantially increased carrier capture efficiencies into InGaN/GaN-WGs compared to GaN-WGs are demonstrated.

Application: Others