Measurement of internal loss, injection efficiency, and gain for continuous-wave semipolar (202̄1̄) III-nitride laser diodes open site

Date: Jun 30, 2016

Summary form only given. We present advances in the performance and characterization of semipolar (202̅1̅) III-nitride laser diodes. These include a high yield facet formation process giving highly vertical and smooth facets (<;1 ° from vertical and roughness 2.0 nm) produced by chemically assisted ion beam etching (CAIBE), leading to threshold currents as low as 3 kA/cm2 and threshold voltages as low as 5.5 V for continuous wave laser diodes. Also, we present the experimental measurement of internal loss (9 cm-1), injection efficiency (73%), and gain. The measured internal loss value shows good agreement with a calculated value of 9.5 cm-1, enabling a breakdown of contributions of each layer to the total loss of the laser and identifying routes to new improvements.

Application: Others