First demonstration of single-mode distributed feedback type-I GaSb cascade diode laser emitting near 2.9 μm open site

Date: Mar 7, 2016

We demonstrate GaSb-based laterally-coupled distributed-feedback type-I cascade diode lasers emitting near 2.9 μm as potential sources for OH measurements. The laser heterostructures consist of two GaInAsSb quantum well stages in series separated by GaSb/AlSb/InAs tunnel junction and InAs/AlSb electron injectors. Single-mode emission is generated using second order lateral Bragg grating etched alongside narrow ridge waveguides. The lasers were fabricated into 2-mm-long devices, solder-mounted epi-up on copper submounts, and operate at room temperature. With an anti-reflection coating at the emission facet, the lasers exhibit a typical current threshold of 110 mA at 20 °C and emit more than 14 mW of output power. The Bragg wavelength temperature tuning rate was 0.29 nm/°C.

Application: Others