To sales representatives of manufacturers

The characteristics of this website

  • Users from around the world are using this website to search the right product for their need out of numerous products.
  • Through this website it is possible for manufacturers to advertise many products to potential customers while suppressing advertising expenses.

Utilities this website provides to the manufacturers

This website allows product registration and update by the manufacturers. A manufacturer’s account is needed for this. The utilities which this website provides for the manufacturer’s account are as follows.

  • Free registration and update of products. No limit to the number of products.
  • Receive queries directly from users with no extra charge.

To sales representatives who wish to acquire a manufacturer’s account

Sales representatives who wish to acquire a manufacturer’s account please send an e-mail to the following address with the title “Request for manufacturer’s account” and describe in the text the e-mail address to be used for the account.

A provisional password will be assigned from Laser Diode Selection Office. See here for how to register products.

We hope you will find this website useful.