790 nm-830 nm 800 W FP Laser Diode  « VSA-10-080-yyyy »

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Diode Laser Stacks Cascades: VSA

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High Power Laser Diode - VSA-10-080-yyyy has the following features: Wavelength is (790 nm - 830 nm), Output Power is 800 W, FP Laser Diode,


  • Type (*) is FP Laser Diode
  • Wavelength Range is 790 nm - 830 nm ± 3 nm
  • Output Power is 800 W
  • Water Cooling

Comparison table

This table shows products at the same center wavelength, including by other manufacturers.
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Manufacturer Model Wavelength Output Power Type Package
EagleyardEYP-RWL-1120-0…1.11 um50 mWFP Laser Diode SOT
EagleyardEYP-RWS-0633-0…633 nm10 mWFP Laser Diode TO-can
EagleyardEYP-RWS-0785-0…785 nm80 mWFP Laser Diode SOT
EagleyardEYP-RWS-0852-0…852 nm80 mWFP Laser Diode SOT
EagleyardEYP-RWS-1064-0…1.064 um80 mWFP Laser Diode SOT
EagleyardEYP-RWE-0650-0…653 nm30 mWFP Laser Diode SOT
EagleyardEYP-RWE-0740-0…740 nm10 mWFP Laser Diode SOT
EagleyardEYP-RWE-0780-0…780 nm80 mWFP Laser Diode SOT
EagleyardEYP-RWE-0790-0…770 nm50 mWFP Laser Diode SOT
EagleyardEYP-RWE-0810-0…790 nm80 mWFP Laser Diode SOT