1.66 um-1.67 um 5 mW MQW, DFB Laser Diode  « IPDFD1601-111x »

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Distributed Feedback Lasers

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Low Power Laser Diode - IPDFD1601-111x has the following features: Wavelength is (1.66 um - 1.67 um), Output Power is 5 mW, MQW, DFB Laser Diode, Module, and more.


InPhenix's series of Multi-Quantum Well (MQW) Distributed Feedback (DFB) lasers are designed for analog and digital applications including CATV, FTTx and Sensor systems. The devices have high output power, low distortion characteristics, low RIN noise, high side mode suppression and wide temperature range that make them stable even in harsh environments.


  • Type (*) is MQW, DFB Laser Diode
  • Package (*) is Module , 14-Pin , DIL
  • Wavelength Range is 1.66 um - 1.67 um
  • Output Power is 5 mW
  • Fiber Type is SMF
  • Spectral Width is 200 pm
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