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515nm 10mW Green Laser Diode D5.6mm
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Laser Diodes

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515nm 10mW Green Laser Diode D5.6mm


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Low Power Laser Diode - 515nm 10mW Green Laser Diode D5.6mm has the following features: Wavelength is , Output Power is 10 mW, TO-can, and more.


Egismos provides a large variety of InGaN-based green laser diodes with wavelengths of 515nm or 520nm. The low operating current and high temperature of the laser diodes are achieved through using misoriented substrate and MQW (Strain compensated) active layers. Egismos laser diodes are highly rated in a broad range of applications including, but not limited to, laser pointers, green lasers, laser barcode scanners, diode laser equipment, medical instruments and aerospace applications


  • Package (*) is TO-can , 5.6mm
  • Wabelength Range(max) is 530 nm
  • Output Power is 10 mW

Comparison table

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Manufacturer Model Wavelength Output Power Type Package
PhotonTec Berlin1470nm 2W 105µ…1.47 um +/-20 nm2 W-Fiber-coupled
PhotonTec Berlin1470nm 3.5W 10…1.47 um +/-20 nm3.5 W-Fiber-coupled
PhotonTec Berlin1470nm 10W 200…1.47 um +/-20 nm10 W-Fiber-coupled
PhotonTec Berlin1470nm 20W 220…1.47 um +/-20 nm20 W-Fiber-coupled
PhotonTec Berlin1470nm 5W 105µ…1.47 um<17000 mWFP Laser Diode Module
PhotonTec Berlin793nm 8W 105µm…793 nm +/-≤3 nm8 W-Fiber-coupled
PhotonTec Berlin793nm 16W 105µ…793 nm +/-≤3 nm16 W-Fiber-coupled
PhotonTec Berlin793nm 30W 105µ…793 nm>20000 mWFP Laser Diode Module
PhotonTec Berlin635nm 5W 105µm…635 nm +/- ≤5 nm5 W-Fiber-coupled
PhotonTec Berlin2mW - 100mW co…630 nm-660 nm--Coaxial