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635nm 5mW Red Laser Diode D5.6mm
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Laser Diodes

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635nm 5mW Red Laser Diode D5.6mm


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Low Power Orange Laser Diode - 635nm 5mW Red Laser Diode D5.6mm has the following features: Wavelength is 635 nm, Output Power is 5 mW, φ5.6 , and more.


635nm 5mW Red Laser Diode D5.6mm // Egismos 635nm red laser diode is an efficient radiation source for CW and pulsed operation // *Features: - Visible Light λ = 635nm - Output power = 5mw - Package type = 5.6mmΦ * Applications: Laser Pointer & General Purpose Red Laser Light Source Bar Code Reader & High Precision Measuring Instruments Laser Module & High Precision Engineering Instruments


  • Package (*) is φ5.6
  • Wavelength (*) is 635 nm
  • Output Power is 5 mW

Comparison table

This table shows products at the same center wavelength, including by other manufacturers.
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Manufacturer Model Wavelength Output Power Type Package
Egismos Technology Corporation4mm diameter R…635 nm5 mW-Submodules
Egismos Technology CorporationLaser Rangefin…635 nm<1 mW--
LaserscomLDI-635-FP-2635 nm2 mWFP Laser Diode Fiber-coupled
PhotonTec Berlin635nm 5W 105µm…635 nm +/- ≤5 nm5 W-Fiber-coupled
RPMC LasersLDX-2410-635635 nm400 mW-C-mt
RPMC LasersLDX-2410-635635 nm400 mW-B-mt
RPMC LasersLDX-2410-635635 nm400 mW-Q-mt
RPMC LasersLDX-2410-635635 nm400 mW-TO-can
RPMC LasersLDX-2410-635635 nm400 mW-TO-can