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445nm 1.6W LASER DIODE
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445nm laser diode

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445nm 1.6W LASER DIODE


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High Power Violet Laser Diode - 445nm 1.6W LASER DIODE has the following features: Wavelength is 445 nm, Output Power is 1.6 W, DFB Laser Diode, TO-can, and more.


Blue 445nm 1.6W Laser Diode 9mm TO5


  • Type (*) is DFB Laser Diode
  • Package (*) is TO-can
  • Wavelength (*) is 445 nm
  • Output Power is 1.6 W

Comparison table

This table shows products at the same center wavelength, including by other manufacturers.
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Manufacturer Model Wavelength Output Power Type Package
WavespectrumWSLP-445-015m-4445 nm15 mWFP Laser Diode Module
WavespectrumWSLP-445-015m-…445 nm15 mWFP Laser Diode Module
WavespectrumWSLP-445-030m-4445 nm25 mWFP Laser Diode Module
WavespectrumWSLP-445-030m-…445 nm25 mWFP Laser Diode Module
WavespectrumWSLD-445-050m-1445 nm50 mWFP Laser Diode TO-can
WavespectrumWSLP-445-050m-M445 nm50 mWFP Laser Diode Module
Yisinc optical technology445nm 3.5W LAS…445 nm3.5 WDFB Laser Diode TO-can
RPMC LasersWSLX-445-001-H445 nm1.2 W-Coaxial
RPMC LasersWSLR-445-001-H445 nm1.2 W-HHL