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Laser Rangefinder RS232 EV-Kit
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Integrated photonic subsystems

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Laser Rangefinder RS232 EV-Kit


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Orange Laser Diode - Laser Rangefinder RS232 EV-Kit has the following features: Wavelength is 635 nm, Output Power is <1 mW,


EGISMOS provides laser distance measuring modules and laser range finder modules with a standard interface RS-232 and Bluetooth options making the development and programing of your own customized application very easy and convenient. We have integrated those key components and major functions in one single compact module for high performances, ease of manufacture and facilitated assembly. / / / / * Range: 30m / 60m / 100 m * Communication: RS232 / Bluetooth * Accuracy: 1.5mm to 3mm * Measurement rate: 1Hz to 10Hz * System compliance: Dos, OS/2, Unix, Xenix, Linux, Windows and Netware


  • Wavelength (*) is 635 nm
  • Output Power is <1 mW

Comparison table

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Manufacturer Model Wavelength Output Power Type Package
Thorlabs USALPS-635-FC635 nm3 mWFP Laser Diode TO-can
Thorlabs USALPS-PM635-FC635 nm3 mWFP Laser Diode TO-can
Thorlabs USADL3148-025635 nm5 mWFP Laser Diode TO-can
Thorlabs USAHL6312G635 nm5 mWMQW Laser Diode TO-can
Thorlabs USALPM-635-SMA635 nm8 mWFP Laser Diode TO-can
Thorlabs USALP635-SF8635 nm8 mWFP Laser Diode TO-can
Thorlabs USAHL6320G635 nm10 mWMQW Laser Diode TO-can
Thorlabs USAHL6322G635 nm15 mWMQW Laser Diode TO-can
BWTBeijingK635E09FN-0.40W635 nm +/-5 nm400 mWFP Laser Diode Module
BWTBeijingK635E03SN-0.00…635 nm +/-5 nm2 mWFP Laser Diode Module