690 nm 400 mW FP Laser Diode  « ALC-069x-00400-FM200.22x4-LDTC »

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690nm Red Laser Diodes

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Low Power Red Laser Diode - ALC-069x-00400-FM200.22x4-LDTC has the following features: Wavelength is 690 nm, Output Power is 400 mW, FP Laser Diode, Multi-output Module, and more.


  • Type (*) is FP Laser Diode
  • Package (*) is Multi-output Module
  • Wavelength (*) is 690 nm
  • Output Power is 400 mW
  • Diameter Core is 200 um
  • Numeric Aperture is 0.22

Comparison table

This table shows products at the same center wavelength, including by other manufacturers.
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Manufacturer Model Wavelength Output Power Type Package
RPMC LasersLDX-2710-690-FC690 nm525 mW-TO-can
RPMC LasersLDX-2710-690-FC690 nm525 mW-HHL/TEC 
RPMC LasersLDX-2710-690-FC690 nm525 mW-Butterfly
RPMC LasersLDX-2710-690-FC690 nm525 mW-Butterfly/TEC
RPMC LasersLDX-2405-690-FC690 nm280 mW-TO-can
RPMC LasersLDX-2405-690-FC690 nm280 mW-HHL/TEC 
RPMC LasersLDX-2405-690-FC690 nm280 mW-Butterfly
RPMC LasersLDX-2405-690-FC690 nm280 mW-Butterfly/TEC
RPMC LasersLDX-3115-690-FC690 nm770 mW-TO-can
RPMC LasersLDX-3115-690-FC690 nm770 mW-HHL/TEC