1.258 um-1.262 um 350 mW External Cavity Laser Diode  « LD-1260-FBG-350 »

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Low Power NIR Laser Diode - LD-1260-FBG-350 has the following features: Wavelength is 1.26 um (1.258 um - 1.262 um), Output Power is 350 mW, External Cavity Laser Diode, Module, and more.


  • Type (*) is External Cavity Laser Diode
  • Package (*) is Module , 14-Pin , BUT
  • Wavelength (*) is 1.26 um : 1.258 um - 1.262 um
  • Output Power is 350 mW
  • Fiber Type is PM980
  • Spectral Width is 1.5 nm
  • Grating FBG
  • Narrow
  • Diameter Cladding is 125 um
  • Numeric Aperture is 0.14

Comparison table

This table shows products at the same center wavelength, including by other manufacturers.
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Manufacturer Model Wavelength Output Power Type Package
DenseLightDL-CLS051B-S12…1.26 um5 mWExternal Cavity Laser Diode Module
DenseLightDL-CLS051D-S12…1.26 um5 mWExternal Cavity Laser Diode Module
DenseLightDL-CLS309B-S12…1.26 um30 mWExternal Cavity Laser Diode Module
DenseLightDL-CLS309D-S12…1.26 um30 mWExternal Cavity Laser Diode Module
InnolumeLD-1260-BF-3501.26 um350 mWFP Laser Diode Module
AKELAALC-1260-04000…1.26 um4 WFP Laser Diode C-mount
AKELAALC-1260-1000-…1.26 um1 WFP Laser Diode TO-can
AKELAALC-1260-0200-…1.26 um-FP Laser Diode TO-can
AKELAALC-1260-08000…1.26 um8 WFP Laser Diode Module