Megawatt-class peak power laser diode pump sources open site

Date: May 4, 2018
Megawatt-class peak power laser diode pump sources

Maximizing brightness and peak power out of the laser diode array is essential in the development of high powered solid state and fiber laser systems. Recent developments have enabled single 1 cm laser diode bars capable of producing over 500W peak power at wavelengths between 770nm and 1100nm. New technologies in bar cooling and optical beam shaping have allowed scaled laser pump diodes to achieve peak powers over 1MW. Novel manifold designs have allowed 100kW to 1MW stacks maintaining a brightness of over 11kW/cm2. The latest performance from high brightness pump diodes operating under a variety of pulse conditions will be discussed. Additionally, discussion will be provided regarding a novel method of powering and controlling diodes with megawatt-class powers in MIL applications.